Short Term Synergy is disruptive to a Growth Plan   We are excited when a client not only understands the impact of team efforts on sustainable growth, but gets their teams on board the plan. When a client’s annual growth plan incorporates their human capital strengths, we look for their continual commitment to ensuring […]

    As a very smart adviser once said to business owners; “you will retire, it might be in a gurney, or you can make a plan.”   Our work with business owners brings this reality to the forefront. Strategic Business Planning & Execution is essential to Optimizing Business Valuation and Owner Wealth, and there is much […]

      In our business, a person with a micro viewpoint not only keeps both eyes on the ball every day, but manages where the ball is going, and how it gets to its destinations. This viewpoint can have negative connotations in the workplace but managers with this viewpoint can also have an instinctive need for […]

    A test is a set of questions, or problems, used as a means of evaluating the abilities, aptitudes, or skills of an individual or a group. Managers ask; can you test candidates once we determine the finalists? Yes we can, but you must understand what you are testing for, what the results mean, and appropriate […]

      A common method of decision making referred to as group think, brings a team to a cohesive method of thinking through problem solving. It is the practice of approaching problems by consensus of a group. If everyone on the team envisions a similar method of operation, then the process moves faster, more efficiently and […]

    Matt is the General Manager of a corporate store. He makes decisions every day that influence the performance of his operation. Matt has been on a continual campaign to improve the hiring practices and overall operational performance of the corporate stores, but he is unable to gain the agreement of Regional Management, that there are […]

    It’s just the way it is, explains Jess. My partner and I have opposite approaches to client processes and the team has to accommodate both methods. Jess knew the team would eventually need to settle this tug of war relationship, but she had trouble deciding where to start, since neither she or her partner were […]

      Business owner clients face a multitude of challenges as their businesses grow. Working with business owner clients is a rewarding partnership. We get to strengthen our client’s success through the people that drive it. Moving full speed ahead, helping clients to navigate various stages of personal development and team expansion maintains their ability to […]


      A leadership team’s productivity suffers as misunderstandings escalate over decision making. Joe feels he takes the larger share of responsibility for a territory sales quota while partner Greg appears to glide along, making sales calls without pressure to meet their goals.   What seems like lagging along to Joe was causing this leadership team […]

      A partnership is an association of two or more people who will conduct business. When we talk with partners, we like to learn how the relationship got started. While it is fun for to reminisce about the good ole’ days of like minded and hard working professionals who shared a commitment to succeed, we […]