Critical Timing of Two Leadership Strategies   Our work with entrepreneurial leaders has two phases; initially our role is planner and facilitator of team engagement and then as team strengths are developed and consistently aligned we become an engagement advisor. Regular Progress Check Conversations help leaders to make necessary tweaks in leadership strategies and the […]

    Two new employees, one fresh out of college and another an experienced professional, both get new jobs and their companies fumble On Boarding.   The college grad was ecstatic about her first day on the job. She expected an interactive day of learning their collaborative processes and technology applications at this large corporation, since there […]

    Successful leaders often describe their careers as lucky. While there may be some luck involved from timing and persistence toward goals, there is a critical aspect of success that has nothing to do with luck, but looks just like it. These extreme performers have had their secret weapon in the forefront of their careers for […]

    Lewis J. Walker, CFP, President of Walker Capital Management, has had his eye on the challenges of business owners and next generation career development. His article “The Quest for a Good Job”, provides interesting insight about the realities of job growth, and the types of skills that will be required to attain future jobs. Mr. […]

      Each year during the fourth quarter we have the great pleasure of talking with clients about their holiday plans like company events and holiday schedules. There are a myriad of stories surrounding how much time is spent celebrating during holiday season, both inside the office and outside of work. Leaders comment about personal time […]

    Shelf Life

    While grocery shopping it occurred to me that team diagnostics do not expire, they simply have varying shelf life. Thinking about what I need to buy that week, I observed myself, in a way, as I generate an ongoing list of short term and longer term grocery needs to keep the job easy to manage […]

      Short Term Synergy is disruptive to a Growth Plan   We are excited when a client not only understands the impact of team efforts on sustainable growth, but gets their teams on board the plan. When a client’s annual growth plan incorporates their human capital strengths, we look for their continual commitment to ensuring […]

    As a very smart adviser once said to business owners; “you will retire, it might be in a gurney, or you can make a plan.”   Our work with business owners brings this reality to the forefront. Strategic Business Planning & Execution is essential to Optimizing Business Valuation and Owner Wealth, and there is much […]

      In our business, a person with a micro viewpoint not only keeps both eyes on the ball every day, but manages where the ball is going, and how it gets to its destinations. This viewpoint can have negative connotations in the workplace but managers with this viewpoint can also have an instinctive need for […]

    A test is a set of questions, or problems, used as a means of evaluating the abilities, aptitudes, or skills of an individual or a group. Managers ask; can you test candidates once we determine the finalists? Yes we can, but you must understand what you are testing for, what the results mean, and appropriate […]