Who are the Firepower™ Clients?


Small business owners and key decision makers are seeking two things when we meet; a way to engage their team members in achieving growth goals and to arrange the right capabilities for consistent performance. FIREPOWER™ clients are are committed to mentoring the growth of their organizations. They want to create a culture that provokes authentic individual contributions toward a shared company vision. They are innovators by nature, with an ongoing passion for professional and personal success, as they share sound business strategies and acquired wisdom with colleagues and within their business communities.

More than anything, FIREPOWER™ clients want us to understand them, to listen and then facilitate team engagement that enables natural and effective contributions to a Shared Vision™ of the future. We are their strategic partner, providing our ear, our objective insights and realistic performance resources, and the confidence to move business teams toward the goal!


Do you have your business goals tucked away in your head? Once personally connected to a Shared Vision™, the team provides a unique competitive advantage that drives ROI. This is true return on investment; a blend of knowledge, skills and talent drives consistent team contributions that are critical to sustaining business growth.

How many marketing programs have provided you with long term results?  Business owners invest in marketing programs offered by industry specific and business gurus. These programs are designed to share processes and abilities, yet teams are not able to make the processes stick!

Making progress stick starts with answering the quintessential question; how can we get our team members to think outside their (job) box? The box exists when team members cannot connect their value within the company vision. We design a role description as a basis for leveraging individual and collective capabilities.

Have you considered natural strengths as a reliable aspect of consistent  human performance?         These unique abilities have a significant impact on team productivity and efficiency. They are intrigued by the notion that integrating individual and collective strengths into the performance equation will fire-up the whole effort and fuel long term business success!


FIREPOWER™ clients are transformed by quantitative performance dynamic and qualitative growth experience. By design, we facilitate a visible performance culture that clients will recognize as it engages the strengths of every team member. The difference; our clients get to know who is on their team, and then cultivate a fully engaged and long term business culture.