FIREPOWER Teams Overview

Introducing the Human Capital Valuation Concepts; National Conference for The Strategic Financial Alliance, Lake Tahoe, May 2014


The right team performance equation is central to business growth. People drive your business plan, and their unique competencies must be recognized as a quantifiable component of organizational success.


Beginning with the question, “Who is on your team,” our clients discover the powerful influence of human capital on their growth planning process. We help you to validate and quantify the human strengths within your organization and incorporate these abilities into the organizational vision to sustain and grow clientele, market share and revenue. Once human capital is a recognizable part of the growth plan, employee teams experience renewed clarity and enthusiasm about their personal contributions. Your teams learn to maximize their personal productivity and focus their energy in alignment to a shared business vision. When the team feels personally connected to your goals, leaders can inspire progress and teams will innovate beyond daily and monthly responsibilities. Making team contributions sustainable requires an authentic and effective performance model and your dedication to nurturing your people processes.

Our mission is to facilitate progress toward a shared business vision through the successful contributions of the people inside your organization. Whether your team is made up of five people or fifty-five, we help you to build a foundation for accurate team selection and then develop an evolving framework for managing performance.


Your team must know their strengths, envision how they fit into the growth plan, and have the freedom to make ongoing contributions according to their holistic abilities.


Find Your Fire. Fuel Your Team Performance.