FIREPOWER Strategic Partners

Traditional referral relationships often kept the idea of collaboration lingering and expectations were rarely met. Maria and her client determined that trusted professional affiliations were the right approach, and would create a new model, replacing referrals with a shared vision for serving the broad needs of clients.  Client cases requiring the services of the expert resource team would be addressed by appropriate independent providers as a coordinated team effort. They called this collaboration an Expert Resource Team or ERT.


The new approach changed the way independent providers collaborated. The ERT viewed client solutions as integrated solutions that kept the core services intact as client needs evolved.


Over time and based on the long standing success of the original strategic partner network, Maria has arranged additional trusted strategic partners, for associates who want to better serve the growing demand for client relationships that consider multiple client needs into an independent and cohesive solutions mix. Since 2005, the FIREPOWER Strategic Partners Team has helped our clients to create a close network of providers that share a vision for serving clients and solve ongoing business challenges.

Together we offer our clients an expert team approach to achieve their organizational growth.