Maria C. Forbes

Converting Personal Strengths Into Business Performance


Maria’s consulting mission has re-energized the performance of professional services teams through the complete engagement of human talent. Maria works with small businesses across the Midwest and Eastern regions, validating the unique capabilities of professional teams to leverage organizational performance and generate growth.


Using her branded process, FIREPOWER™ Business Catalyst, Maria unites three essential performance drivers; leaders expressed vision for their business, realization of distinct team member strengths in sync with the vision, and the effective arrangement of talent for sustaining client relationships and increasing market share. Maria has developed the FIREPOWER™ Team Foundations for defining recruiting criteria and facilitating the successful selection of new members. The FIREPOWER™ Team Development serves as a guided exploration of capability and performance, closing the gap between what we know about our work and how we instinctively move through challenge, to fuel team productivity and ignite new energy into a workplace culture. Integrating these people-driven strengths into organizational growth plans, Maria’s clients achieve their performance goals and accomplish the long term momentum they are seeking.


With a degree in Commercial Design from Missouri State University, Maria entered the corporate space-planning field, managing the designs and creative teams that planned transitions of corporate and healthcare clinical teams into new workspace environments. From design to the business of design, Maria found her passion in developing human interactions for improved performance and integrating their collective capabilities into the organizational growth plan. Maria’s process for fueling team contributions is a strategic competitive advantage in the small business market with a focus on financial services, family care giving teams (The FIREPOWER Family Care Team) and volunteer organizations. Maria’s vast experience has led to consulting engagements that re-shape the way professional teams engage their talents and increase their performance.


Maria is a faculty member of The Life Transitions University™, Atlanta GA
Member, Exit Planning Institute Georgia Chapter
Member Peachtree Corners Business Association
Business Mentor, Catholic Charities Atlanta Georgia
Find Maria on LinkedIn; /mariacforbes