Family Care Giving Teams

The FIREPOWER™ Family Care Teams
A Decision Making Framework for Forming Family Care Giving Teams



Unique Personal Strengths – Plan Your Family Care Culture


You seek relief from the stress of managing the special needs of your loved one. What you really want is for your family to participate in sudden and ongoing challenges of managing healthcare, housing, finances and relationships for your parents and family members.


Find out how to engage your family members and reclaim your life, so you can once again look forward to each day with energy and purpose.


FIREPOWER™ Success Catalyst employs unique diagnostic and conversational coaching to help families identify personal problem solving strengths and arrange these innate abilities into a Natural Care Role so they can avoid the relationship strain from unplanned family care challenges.


Identify Your problem solving strengths


When families face the anxiety of care giving decisions and support needs for a loved one, the responsibility often defaults to one member who must manage the many facets of care. A sudden need for support can force care giving and life style management upon one family member without opportunities to make their own scheduling and family adjustments.


Whether help is needed for short term illness or disability, or a loved one faces a life-change that requires ongoing support, families experience relationship difficulties when care giving responsibilities are not understood and shared. Never having dealt with care giving needs, sibling relationships that were once amiable will endure unfamiliar tension. Feelings of resentment build when care giving members cannot access family participation. A lack of planning, resources, and family support causes emotional distress and responsibility overload.


Your family strengths are validated and put into action through examination of individual problem solving strengths.


The FIREPOWER™ process presents personal opportunities for participation in care giving processes. Individuals are predisposed to approach challenge by certain instinctive behaviors. Beyond education, experience and motivation, these innate strengths drive problem solving energy into specific actions. You will learn how to recognize and arrange these abilities, and then match care giving activities with individual’s instinctive method of operation.


“We help move families to action by inspiring their willing participation.”


Identify & Arrange Your Natural Care Role


In the early stages, families are called to action. With new insight about the instinctive abilities of your family members, you will be able to arrange your individual and collective strengths to provide care giving support when and how you need it.


The Family Team Matrix is a guide for visualizing and arranging the strengths of your family team during each phase of care. The Family Matrix puts the actions in sync with individual problem solving strengths. The Family Team Matrix is used as a guide to identify how each will help, aids in determining their corresponding Care Focus, and the unique way each family team member will communicate. Family members can view their unique personal strengths in alignment with their Natural Care Role.



Engage Family Team Synergy


The Family Team Dialogue opens the conversation with your family team members. We facilitate agreement among family members about their unique problem solving strengths and their natural method of support. Using your Family Team Matrix™ as a guide, your family will learn how to engage their personal strengths in their Natural Care Role.


Using the Family Care Matrix™ you can plan for access to care giving support. We introduce new personal insights to your family members so they can envision their unique opportunity to contribute and validate their instinctive approach to challenge. In a group session, we take the first step, to bring your family team together through a discussion of individual Natural Care Roles, method of communication and an action plan to jump start participation. The goal is for each member to clearly envision their personal contribution.