Personal Career Transition

Suddenly everything you have learned or worked to achieve must come together in a new position!

Personal Career Transition is a support module designed to help students sharpen their first job search and to facilitate career transition for professionals who are facing change.

“We believe the last thing you need as you search for a new career position is a complicated process for validating your professional firepower. Instead, we help you to aim your career search in the right direction so you can meet your career goals.”


FIREPOWER Teams offers a diagnostic and consultative experience that validates your unique professional strengths within the context of a new position, a new industry, or to discern well suited career options.


Put your natural advantage to work!


You can be sure you are in the right role! The FIREPOWER™ Personal Discovery Consultation is an exploration of your essential performance factors. The process helps you to formulate a clear understanding of your natural advantage. Together, we merge your academic achievements and career goals with your instinctive problem solving strengths to define your unique values and increase your ability to determine a position that is right for you.


Discover how your strengths will influence success in any position. The Kolbe Career MO+™ is an interactive tool that shows you how your Instinctive MO works within a variety of jobs. The Career MO+ report offers suitability evaluations of more than 100 job titles; tips for a stronger resume and cover letters; interview techniques that accentuate your strengths and strategies for leveraging your unique talents in your current position.