FIREPOWER Fuel For Top Performance

Fully Engaged Teams


At FIREPOWER™, we believe organizations are made up of contributors whose personal roles are in sync with a shared vision for growth. We recommend a long term method for powering team performance; an environment that encourages creative input and supports a contributing role in the success of your work, by all levels of the organization.


We begin with leaders, partners and key decision makers to clarify expectations and preferences for managing team efforts. At the start of the FIREPOWER™ Team Development process we utilize your Shared Vision™, prepared during the hiring process, or at this point, to establish a common team goal as we launch a development experience. Shared Vision™ will be your ongoing guide to productive team member collaborations within the organization, with external partners and a useful performance reference as individual roles continue to evolve.


A Fully Engaged Team synchronizes multiple points of client contact as every team member touches your client experience in some way. Our mission is the appropriate arrangement of team member talents and strengths that enables our clients to achieve well defined and communicated organizational goals. The unique personal strengths of your team are integrated into the team relationship as a key to working both independently and collaboratively. As we work together, your organization is transformed from teams that hold jobs, to teams of contributors that maximize their productivity and work cohesively toward a shared business vision. The role of contributor and their connection to a Shared Vision is sustained by the individual and collective freedom to contribute authentically and according to individual strengths.


Together you will retain your clients and attract new ones when team members share your business vision and their positive contributions will meet your goals.