FIREPOWER Team Foundations

FIREPOWER™ Smart Selection


If you are like our clients, you need to expand your organizational capabilities and you want to move forward with confidence that you have arranged the right intellectual capital to meet the goal. As a leader, you may be wondering how your personal motivation, energy and capabilities will transfer to others who will use their own creative strengths to help you power your organizational vision. The answers to these questions are essential to defining the requirements for successful team expansion.

Shared Vision™ is the first and most essential step in planning for growth, and a critical starting point for ensuring that you and your team will achieve long term success.

Your Shared Vision is an integral part of the hiring data; it illustrates the broad organizational goal and utilized during interviews enables candidates to understand your target markets and your offering. This customized information describes the requirements for success in a new role, your relationship to your clients and your place in the market. Prior to adding new team members, you must be able to effectively communicate the specific challenges you will solve and the people you serve, so your team will have a clear perspective of your mission, your market segments and your authentic qualities. Only then can you successfully determine who should be on your team and how they will help you meet your goals.


FIREPOWER™ Smart Selection is your foundation for expanding or building a team with long term potential. A leader’s personal insights, unique strengths and creative abilities ignite energy around a business vision. To expand a team and move together toward the vision the team must be able to envision how they can contribute, in a specific way. We consider learned skills and experience, personality and natural problem solving strengths as we define the holistic requirements for a new working relationship.


The right assessment tools validate a candidate’s natural strengths that influence success in a role.


Context Conversation engages candidates in validating strengths and knowing their natural influence on the role.


A well defined Role Description communicates the full scope of a role and prevents misaligned expectations.


An On Boarding Plan with 90 day Action Planner ensures a new team member will have a productive start and a long term association.