The FIREPOWER Team Meeting Kit

Keeping Teams Connected


Our team meeting kit was designed to keep your team familiar with their problem solving strengths as you work together. We find the ongoing integration of team strengths into the workflow is a critical performance distinction. Teams that utilize what they have learned on a regular basis have the advantage of continually maximizing their time and energy and their productive zones are in focus as they plan their agendas. Those that haven’t maintained a connected between their problem solving strengths and organizational goals experience something like muscle memory, old routines take over and the same frustrations reoccur around their ability to meet planned goals.


Following an introduction to instinctive approach to challenge, collaborative synergy and targeted actions that illustrate the direct impact of these strengths on your company’s performance, your team must engage their strengths routinely or risk slipping back into behaviors and work habits that will slow innovations and impede progress. We made this easy, so you can maintain your meeting agendas while integrating Shared Vision™ and focusing team strengths into high level strategic conversations and tactical team planning.


The FIREPOWER Team Meeting Kit includes a Facilitator Guide and Kolbe talent tags for every team member to keep your team connected to your shared business vision.