Volunteer Team Leaders | FIREPOWER Teams

As volunteer organizations execute a purposeful vision and mission to serve, the volunteers that facilitate these efforts are a critical driver to achieving their goals. To lead is to inspire a vision, and to influence the creative human interactions that will achieve your desired result.

As you consider a plan to engage your volunteer team, it is important that they are able to envision how their strengths will help you to meet the goal. They will need the opportunity to learn the problem solving strengths of others on the team so they can coordinate activities that are in sync with your plan. Your volunteer vision comes to life through the people who are engaging their best efforts in service to the organization.

Through the examination of human instinct we introduce your natural approach to challenge, the part of the mind developed from birth, to validate the specific way in which your insistency for problem solving actions will influence the way you lead.

Then we teach you how these strengths can be arranged to fuel the success of your mission. Those you are leading learn your natural approach to gathering and sharing information, organizing activities, and your method for managing risk and the tangible aspects of this work. They learn how you will naturally utilize time and your method of communication as you work through challenge.

Begin your volunteer leadership experience with a foundation for success.