Success; Luck or Something Better?

By Maria Forbes
May 5, 2016

Successful leaders often describe their careers as lucky. While there may be some luck involved from timing and persistence toward goals, there is a critical aspect of success that has nothing to do with luck, but looks just like it.
These extreme performers have had their secret weapon in the forefront of their careers for so long, they don’t remember what it is, or how to describe it, and therefore decide it must be a good attitude, hard work and a bit of luck.
Others have been subscribing to best practices in sales and business development as sure fire methods for successful performance. When they find themselves pressured to increase revenue, there may be a methodology that works, but for many it looks as though a few thriving colleagues seem to have all the luck; things just go their way, everything they touch turns to gold, they are a natural people magnet and predisposed to success.
What is the secret weapon? The imperative combination of knowledge and skill and the one thing many leaders forget when developing their own successful path, and that of their teams- Talent. These instinctive abilities predispose us all to success, if we include them in our pursuit of goals.
Luck has nothing to do with developing consistent top performance. When asked, what you do every day, that makes you particularly successful, not including subject matter expertise and experience? We find the secret weapon is revealed or it has been forgotten. Talent is transferable, reliable and natural. This part of the human mind fuels a specific type of performance, one that is innate, authentic, and when utilized regularly it drives consistent, long term success.
Lucky’s twin is Talent. Professionals that know their strengths, and have the freedom to lead with them, get lucky. Create a lucky organization by knowing and leading with your strengths. Develop and align the strengths of your teams and then watch your organization grow beyond your expectations.

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