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About Us

Our mission is to facilitate success at every level of the organization.


Welcome to FIREPOWER Teams.  We’re your partners in talent alignment. We care about your long term success.

In fact, our commitment to walking the journey with you, keeps us present, as you develop your employees into true organizational contributors.

Together we are a powerful force for retaining and engaging your workforce.

Our mission is to facilitate success at every level of the organization. Whether a team is made up of five people or fifty five, we help leaders to build a solid foundation for retaining their people and developing reliable contributions to organizational growth and continuity.

Our clients want performance improvements that will take their company into the future. Why a focus on engaging employee strengths?  A Return on your People Investment, which includes:

  • Improve top and bottom line revenue
  • Reduce the cost of hiring misfires
  • Increase attraction and retention
  • Integrate dynamic onboarding and engagement.
  • Improve individual productivity
  • Maximize team collaboration
  • Strengthen organizational culture toward growth
  • Defining company leadership and supporting development
  • Arranging strategic collaborations that move the revenue needle
  • Engaging new talent as a business contributor from day one

Our Unique Vision

Once you know how your people uniquely tackle challenge, you can arrange their abilities to sharp shoot performance.

Your ability to sustain growth depends on the potential of your teams to succeed within the context of your shared business vision.

Every employee has something important to contribute. We simply bring their strengths to light, as part of your business growth plan.

“Innovation and leadership flourish when every employee knows what they do well and has the freedom to apply their strengths to their role. The collective synergy of efforts will exceed the growth goal.” -Maria C. Forbes, President

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Every company is defined by its employees. Long term success just takes a little bit of vision and perspective.

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