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CDA, Inc. Czajkowski, Dumpel & Associates, Inc.

We supported Erica Dumpel as she navigated the challenges of expanding her team and developing her son as a successor. For 40 years, Erica had operated as a solo business owner. She recognized that increasing demand for services required her to move forward strategically.

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Gates Pass Advisors

When Esther Szabo decided to start a new financial planning firm, she understood that her new  team at her new firm would need a strong vision to guide them toward success.

We responded to Esther’s request by helping her build a foundation

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RetireRight Pittsburgh, Inc.

RetireRight Pittsburgh established a relationship with us in 1998, and our long-term collaboration illustrates the benefits of employee retention and succession planning.

The firm’s founder, Don Settina, came to us shortly after launching his own firm.

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