CDA, Inc. Czajkowski, Dumpel & Associates, Inc.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Owner: Erica Dumpel

We supported Erica Dumpel as she navigated the challenges of expanding her team and developing her son as a successor. For 40 years, Erica had operated as a solo business owner. She recognized that increasing demand for services required her to move forward strategically.

Priorities during the first three years of our collaboration:

  • Identified scope of client services and internal operations
  • Aligned Executive Assistant position to deliver greater client support
  • Designed a full-time position for her son, as her future successor
  • Defined roles for additional positions

We structured our recommendations around the owner’s desire to create a culture centered on recruiting and retaining ideal employees.  Our custom onboarding process educated new employees about how they could make the greatest contributions to the firm and to their careers.

A process of ongoing monitoring of member contributions resulted in a strong team.  As growth occurred, team members received guidance about how to develop their unique abilities and improve performance.

Our relationship with Erica provides a good example of how our advice makes it possible to tap into the individual strengths of each team member.  Through our relationship, Erica gained the support she needed to look beyond day-to-day demands and envision new business growth and internal scale.

We helped her move past daily distractions and build an internal process that empowered employees. With our support, she avoided the common problem of letting people stagnate in their positions when they could be evolving and increasing contributions.

After three years, we applied strategic support:

  • Realignment of staff roles to increase contributions to customer needs
  • Ongoing development of employee engagement to meet the owner’s expectations
  • Adaptation to growth and dual leadership of mother and son
  • Management of expectations for a transfer of ownership

Progress has been substantial for firm, and the owner has transitioned to high-level client work. She can now focus on promoting her firm to local decision makers and expanding her business network.

Our process mapped the strategic path for new leadership by her son. The son has subsequently become more confident in his ability to manage company growth, honor his mother’s legacy, and achieve the future business they desire.

Careful planning is essential for leadership succession, and we are your partner to guide a smooth transition.

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