Gates Pass Advisors

Location: Los Altos, CA
Owner: K. Esther Szabo, CFP.

When Esther Szabo decided to start a new financial planning firm, she understood that her new  team at her new firm would need a strong vision to guide them toward success.

Firepower Teams responded to Esther’s request to help her build a foundation for her team.

  • Communicating her firm’s purpose and mission
  • Defining team member roles and career  maps to envision personal growth
  • Designing on-boarding processes for every position for a great start
  • Creating employee engagement plans to develop long term success

These actions provided team members with clear guidance on how to succeed in their roles and contribute to the firm’s ongoing success. We showed Esther how to monitor employees beyond their initial on-boarding, to ensure that they could adapt to change as the firm grows, and remain focused on the firm’s vision.

Monitoring performance of company goals created the opportunity to refine and manage each  position in accordance with the company vision. Every firm operates under dynamic conditions, and our process gave Esther a roadmap for adjusting roles and responsibilities that allow her team to achieve their best results.

Employee engagement plans kept team members informed about their performance and contributions to company goals.

As the workforce consultants, our observations gave Esther the clarity needed to build a cohesive team that influenced growth.

We achieved these results by:

  • Placing people in positions where they could be most productive
  • Bonding team members with a shared vision
  • Regularly evaluating individual alignment with the shared vision

Our efforts rewarded Esther with a resilient foundation for her firm, with an engaged team that is focused on delivering growth. We examined internal roles systematically to ensure a match of people strengths with company goals, and maintain an internal culture committed to client satisfaction.

As a result, Esther gained greater confidence in her team’s ability to respond effectively to new growth goals. Team members are committed to the firm’s business strategy, and they are informed and guided as business contributors.

The achievement of revenue targets gave Esther the freedom to plan her firm’s future and begin to groom a successor. Our partnership has provided structuring and advice for grooming an associate advisor as the firm’s future leader.

With our support Esther’s business growth has been consistent.
She was able to avoid excessive attention to developing her own system for cultivating and motivating talented people. Esther has had the advantage of our proven strategies to accomplish the results that she desired.

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