The Exit Exchange Radio Show- Elevating Exit Planning & XPX Atlanta.

By Maria Forbes
May 10, 2024

On this episode of The Exit Exchange, host John Ray welcomes Maria Forbes, President of XPX Atlanta, and Anthony Chen, President-elect. They discuss the formation of the XPX Atlanta chapter in 2018 as part of the global Exit Planning Exchange based in Boston, highlighting its mission of innovating and elevating exit planning services in Atlanta. The organization attracts a diverse range of professionals who seek to work collaboratively to improve business owners’ exit strategies. They emphasize the essential need for interdisciplinary cooperation among professionals to successfully plan and execute business exits, focusing on low- to mid-market, privately held businesses. The episode also covers the evolution of XPX Atlanta over the years, its shift towards member-led initiatives, and upcoming events such as mastermind groups and a major conference in November. The discussion underscores the importance of early and strategic planning for business exits and the role of XPX Atlanta in facilitating this through collaboration, education, and promoting long-term thinking among professionals.

The host of The Exit Exchange is John Ray, and the show is produced by John Ray and the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX®. John Ray and Business RadioX are Gold Sponsors of XPX Atlanta.

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