Failure to Launch & How to Improve Team Performance

By Maria Forbes
September 2, 2013

“My team meets my requirements”; “appropriately educated and motivated to do great work”, this business owner expresses team member capabilities that should make his practice sustainable.
Cloning your educational and motivational characteristics is not a bad thing; but in order to achieve work-flow momentum, a team’s problem solving methods should not be cloned!

This successful business team seems to have everything it takes to remain top of their game. They enjoy healthy professional camaraderie and have sufficient knowledge and capabilities to serve their clients.


Too much of a good thing! The team members have been approaching their work in the same way. Their problem solving energies are applied in two specific directions. Shared viewpoints validate their decision making actions, making day to day processes seem reasonable. Their projects are completed on time, but the team’s repetitive deep dive in research and planning slows their opportunities for growth.


Need better service momentum?

Arrange the instinctive problem solving strengths of your team. The synergy of their efforts will generate momentum, and help you improve performance in every aspect of your service. Who is on your team?

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