Do you have staff, or do you have a Team?

By Maria Forbes
April 8, 2015

The second most common question leaders are asking….How do I get my staff on the same page, stop the bickering?

Getting along with others is not just about being nice!
Often times strained working relationships are the result of misunderstanding roles and this lack of clarity fosters a highly competitive environment. If you want to get your staff on the same page, start by thinking of them as a team. Consider the difference; a staff responds to a given workload, they support your business development needs and they adhere to a well-defined job description. A team is responsible for creating their own agenda according to a well-defined contribution to shared goals. They will help to cultivate new business through their respective strengths as these are aligned with your processes for client relationship management and new business development.
While it may seem like your employees are dealing with relationship baggage, they may actually misinterpret their responsibilities. Lack of clarity keeps everyone from properly navigating their role. A staff can get over focused on protecting their turf instead of cultivating collaboration toward something bigger than a task list. Give them a break from the competition; refresh your employee roles and engage their strengths toward a shared organizational goal. You will recognize their unique abilities at play and in a culture of mutual respect.
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