Game Day

By Maria Forbes
June 24, 2015

The summer season inspires all sorts of outdoor activities, most of them on personal time. We like to get our teams playing summer activities that will jump start progress on their goals during the season of recreation! Does your team come out of summer vacation mode in a rush to make some headway before fourth quarter? Fall comes around rather quickly and so does the pressure to meet year-end goals. Plan a few game days into your summer months, and shine some sunlight on your goals. Game days can be fifteen minute exercises built into your team meetings. These activities help your teams to recognize the strengths of each member through an activity that is completely different from those they do every day at work.
Here is one we like a lot. It’s called Build a New Office Building, and it can be played in fifteen minutes during a team meeting. Ask each member to explain what they feel is important to getting started. You will notice their responses are clues to each person’s natural problem solving strengths. These clues will help you to align their individual strengths with your growth goals.
You will hear responses like this; we need to research locations to know where to build. We need to study contractor reputations and client testimonies to be sure we have the best company for the job. You will also hear about process management from those who want to be sure each segment of construction is addressed in the right sequence to meet your completion date. Some will explore options for the interior spaces and aesthetic of the building; ideas for improving functionality of offices and gathering spaces, furnishings for the interior spaces, and exterior design trends. Others will say you have to “kick the tires”, visit some job sites to check the quality of a contractor’s work and inspect materials before getting started.
Every member of the team will have a gut reaction to the challenge of building a new building. Each of them will naturally contribute information that is vital to the project and their responses will be great clues to how they should navigate the challenges of their role in your growth plan. Leaders summarize the responses to share with the team. Your team will learn to rely on the type of input each member has contributed and align this ability with your goals. Get your strengths into action with a Game Day and make progress on your growth goals before summer vacation is over! For additional information or assistance in getting the Game Day started, call us at FIREPOWER Teams!

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