Attract and Keep Your Best Talent

By Maria Forbes
June 12, 2023

FIREPOWER Teams, with Maria C. Forbes, is a hands-on strategic workforce partner, helping leaders of privately held companies attract, engage, and keep their best talent. Small business leaders don’t know how to explain what their best talent looks like, and since they can’t define it, they can’t plan for more of it!

This is crucial information because defining top talent is NOT a one-size-fits all profile!

The unique abilities of every team member comes together to form a company’s best competitive advantage. This is a new conversation for small business leaders.  Small businesses don’t usually have access to the tools that larger companies enjoy, so FIREPOWER scales these tools down for them, enabling our clients to accelerate growth and plan for succession.

Our mission is to inform business owners and leaders about the secret to unlocking reliable contributors to growth and continuity through each persons unique capabilities.

Three critical facets of human capabilities are added to the business growth plan to accelerate results that are long term.  These are reliable values that will build business success and transfer when an owner wants to attract the best buyers at the time they are ready to sell.

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