Is there ACTION in your action plan?

By Maria Forbes
September 10, 2013

There is great power in understanding the way we work through challenge.

Lou has been connecting with a high-profile network of prospects to promote a newly formed service he developed with an associate. In a recent marketing review it became clear that action means something different to everyone! Lou’s associate had a completely different expectation for marketing! Their plans were running parallel, and they disagreed on how to meet their goals!
Why?Because they approach decision making differently and they see progress differently.
In order to succeed, they must merge their natural working methods toward meeting their goals.


Lou is highly adaptive, moving through the process of selling the new service by connecting to prospects through a wide network. He sees progress in the validation he receives from industry leaders that the service concepts are timely and viable. Lou’s associate organizes the inventory of contacts to design a finite working opportunity. He sees progress as the ability to present the service with a time line for engagement. To his associate, Lou’s promotional activities are swirling around the idea of their newly designed offering, preventing the transition from concept to a working process.


Once their differing methods were identified, the partners understood how they can support one another and strengthen their ability to meet their goals. Lou needs to communicate with multiple contacts simultaneously, forming a broad scope of promotional activities, in order to find a prospect that is ready to become a client. His associate desires an organized plan for follow-through actions, so he can see the progress of Lou’s communications, validate prospects and determine the timing and style of the next steps. Lou and his associate will combine their approaches, by scheduling quarterly reviews, when they will identify and confirm prospects, track proposal submissions and determine the timing of promotional activities. This merger of natural strengths enables Lou to continue gaining new contacts, while his associate tracks and plans their progress!

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