Leading and Communicating Change for Achieving Growth

By Maria Forbes
February 27, 2019

In the corporate business world, C-Suite positions are considered the most influential people in a company. Their demanding roles require them to possess personal characteristics such as competitiveness, strong leadership, and expert-level skills and experience or education in a specific business discipline. Their role is to create a vision and inform and motivate your colleagues and teams, illustrating a pathway for organization growth.
C-Suite leaders recognize that facing change head-on is part of this growth, and that to be successful their senior management team must have a clear view of how this vision will be understood and executed. The ability to articulate this vision throughout all levels of the organization is key to achieving and sustaining optimal results.
Now, let’s translate this critical business concept to small business. As an owner, president of your company and/or CEO, your role is just like the corporate CEO; to form and communicate your strategic vision. You do this to build a course of action for developing your client base and expanding your market share. In order to be successful, you must communicate your strategic vision to your managers and their teams in a way that inspires collective buy-in at all levels. This means no person or position is left out, so the vision generates a connective vibe across all departments, with all team members working to collectively achieve these goals and sustain the results.
Over twenty years of working with leaders, our best advice is this: don’t keep your strategic vision at the top of your organization. Share it, frame it in a manner that inspires each team member to understand their piece of executing it, and connect it to every human effort within your company. Lead and communicate change with the belief that every person, no matter their role, is influential in achieving the shared vision, and your company growth will know no limit.

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