Professional Self Sabotage

By Maria Forbes
May 6, 2015

charcol fire
A seasoned expert with the instinctive approach to challenge, an industry certified professional and key member of the firm should have enjoyed a long established career at her (now) previous firm.
She made two mistakes that cost her longevity with the organization. You just can’t cheat capability. If your role requires the skills to solve complex problems, avoiding continuing education and skill updates will cause you to fall behind. To add more heat to her already difficult situation this professional ignored many organizational policies. She was certain her professional status allowed her to deviate from organizational dress code, office hours, and mutual respect for her peers, making the list of performance deficits even longer! All of these choices were affective, or emotional, and although they were indicated in the company On-Boarding document, reviewed together with the owner and goals were determined to overcome the gaps, the challenges continued.
Sometimes leaders must take action to help a team member move forward in a mutually beneficial manner. The On-Boarding document is a key management tool. This leader was able to create specific goals for closing performance gaps using the outlined expectations for success in the document. Ultimately the choice is a team member’s, she must decide whether she will make a personal commitment to achieving the requirements for success in her role, as stated in the On-Boarding document. Don’t leave it out of your selection process!
We at Firepower Teams can help review what you currently have for On-Boarding documentation or help you to create proper documents and guidelines!

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