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Team Engagement & Retention

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Team Engagement & Retention

A disconnected or siloed team isn’t an anomaly. In fact, all companies manage team challenges. Wherever you have people you have continual change.

Team members must bond as colleagues, and form a dynamic environment for doing your best work. This doesn’t happen without planning.

The FIREPOWER Team Development strategies develop individual productivity and collective synergies, to give your teams the right blend of efforts for achieving your best outcomes.

Engaging and retaining your best talent is never a single-solution. As your partner in workforce strategies, we continually observe how your business operates and utilizes talent.

Together we will strengthen and retain your workforce, so you can maintain your best people values.

Engagement starts with individual alignment of strengths to roles, and it is ultimately powered by a cohesive team effort toward a single Shared Vision.

Shared Vision is not your marketing message, it’s your internal compass, giving every member or your company a point of reference about your mission that is easy to remember.

Two questions help you to form your team’s Shared Vision.

Who do you serve? What challenges do you solve?

If you want to check your team’s knowledge of your company’s vision and mission, try asking these questions. You will learn the variety of answers that can challenge unified performance.

Existing team members will need a refresher from time to time. While your company is growing and adding new people, existing team members can lose clarity about their role, their future, and their unique value to your business.

Reboarding reinforces your people foundation, to keep new and existing teams on track with your growth plan.

If you are noticing a drag in employee performance or declining enthusiasm, a fresh look at the role(s) helps to realign strengths and contributions.

A few simple strategies help to revitalize a person’s energy and enthusiasm toward their role.

  • Understanding their specific role in your company
  • Learning how to manage time and energy toward achieving goals.
  • Presenting ideas and recommendations to get buy-in.

The integration of a Personal Engagement Plan keeps your employees on track with continual development and measure of their contributions.

Personal Engagement Plans are updated during our quarterly Progress Check conversations, to monitor personal success and target specific areas of learning and growth.

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