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Team Expansion & Onboarding

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Team Expansion & Onboarding

Hiring, training, and developing new team members is a big commitment, but it’s worth it in the long run.

You may be wrestling with a high turnover rate, chronic absenteeism, or general lack of enthusiasm.

The right synergy between people and process is a primary influence on business growth and continuity. Designing a process for attracting, retaining, and developing your teams is central to forming a strong people foundation.

A sharp focus on the critical combination of what a person knows, what motivates them, and what they need to fully engage, has a significant impact on their tenure with your company.

The decision to stay with you is the result of positive leadership and mentoring, and the freedom to put forth one’s best effort every day.

We help you avoid building a foundation of job holders by cultivating roles that engage unique personal abilities, roles your people will thrive in, as organizational contributors.

One of our most coveted services, it gives you an unbiased view of the strengths that will meet your expectations for success. Then we work on how to nurture optimal performance, starting day one.

  • Well defined role descriptions express the essential components of successful role execution.
  • A three-part selection profile ensures a complete view of candidate potential for success in the role.
  • Customized onboarding plans provide new members with an understanding of your business culture, the role they will fulfill today, and their fully developed contribution.
  • FIREPOWER onboarding includes a 90 Day Action Plan to help new team members feel they belong from their first day at your company, as they experience planned interactions with members for orientation and training.
  • Quarterly Personal Progress Check conversations keep the engagement dialogue open, and enable managers to tackle challenges before they become performance problems.
  • Balancing the cost of new-hires within the financial structure secures this important investment in the future.

We are your workforce strategies partner, a relationship that empowers your teams and guides you to a strong people foundation.

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