Building people foundations that promote contributions and fuel organizational growth

Speaking Engagements

“Our mission is to facilitate success at every level of the small business organization. Whether a team is made up of five people or forty-five, we help leaders to build a foundation for retaining their people and developing their best collective contributions to organizational growth.”

Maria’s thirty-year consulting career serves closely held business owners in financial services and related fields across the U.S.  

Our mission is to integrate financial capital with Human capital in planning for organizational growth & continuity.  Workforce strategies ensure the positive impact of talent on value growth and sustainability. 

Our passion is building people foundations that promote contributions and fuel organizational growth.   

The FIREPOWER speaker series is workshop style, in live or virtual format, for business owners and partners, and key employees. 

The content engages the audience in real and relevant business scenarios, and provides actionable advice.

Value Growth & Succession Topics

  • Achieve Your Best Team ROI In Any Market: Align your workforce with your strategic plan.  Identify gaps between the current condition of your business and the future you desire.
  • Grow Your Business Without Hiring More People: organize strengths that help you to move in unison toward the future.
  • Build A People Foundation That Accelerates Business Value: Scan your business environment for internal and external factors that impact your ability to execute your strategic goals.
  • Find Future Leaders: Positioning Your Business for Growth
  • Discover Your Best Competitive Advantage: Living out your business vision, a cultural shift.
  • Why Talent Matters in Business Growth & Continuity Planning: An Introduction to People and Profit.

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