FIREPOWER Teams Services

“More than anything, we motivate professional teams to expand their contributions, enhance personal productivity and collectively increase revenue by engaging their unique and synergistic strengths as a foundation for maximizing performance. We connect the entire team to a Shared Vision to illustrate an authentic and recognizable business objective that supports your strategic plan. Utilizing three critical processes we answer the essential business sustainability question; Who is on your team?”


Human strengths power business sustainability and growth


Human strengths are a predictable aspect of strategic business planning however these influences can go unnoticed or seem uncontrollable as leaders consider how to inspire performance and ensure progress toward growth goals. We solve the mystery of human strengths as a quantifiable component of business growth so our clients can sustain their success.


Our clients are committed to increasing their people performance. They want processes that are clearly understood and will enhance the work they are already doing, avoiding disruption of workflow and morale. They are fully aware that the human strengths within the organization will power the growth plan or impede progress. These are leaders who realize that organizational roles must appropriately engage the holistic abilities of team members in order to streamline performance and sustain success; they want to know how. Our working relationships go beyond individual and team diagnostics that reveal performance challenges, as your partner and advocate to each team member, we work to empower personal strengths and improve collaborations that will improve organizational capacity for increasing client loyalty and generating revenue.


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