Belongingness: Valued, Seen, and Appreciated, A Business Value.

By Maria Forbes
April 28, 2022

Employees who feel a sense of belongingness in the workplace will be more likely to perform optimally. Consider belongingness as a factor in increasing business value through your biggest asset, your people.  

During the past two years, what some people may have considered a time of great reset was certainly a time of great upgrade.  According to, 72% of people across twenty-eight countries say they want sustainable and equitable lives prior to that of Covid. The pandemic allowed people to retrospectively analyze their lives, to revamp their living spaces and their career goals. Now, more than ever people are seeking more fulfilling, flexible, and meaningful work experiences, even if that means leaving their jobs to find the most befitting work. What does this mean for small business? Consider belongingness as a retention strategy. Integrate these approaches to leverage your success and managing employee relationships. 

Three things that create belongingness:  

  1. Develop hiring managers as leaders: 

Every effective team needs a foundation that is built on exemplary leadership. Beyond employee hiring and selection, performance monitoring and tracking, leaders set the tone for employee expectations in the work environment.  A major influence of leaders is the ability to reset the business culture as business environments change.  They must consider leading the way to navigating change and cultivating a sense of belonging. 

  1. Acknowledge positive team contributions: 

By recognizing employee achievements within a role, motivation is stimulated with everyone at work. A motivated individual will be a diligent team member and an asset to developing efficiency throughout an organization. The right recognition creates advocacy throughout your company. 

  1. Allow employees to lead in their role: 

Some employees may work better on flexible schedules rather than a set schedule in retrospect to their working. The main thing to consider is if they have the knowledge/skill to maintain performance. Micromanaging your work structures may be a hindrance while allowing employees to create a system promotes personal productivity.  

It is a human necessity to feel a sense of belonging, therefore it is natural to translate this need into the workplace. In fact, needing to feel as if we belong is deeply rooted in the survival instincts of our species. Since the pandemic, employers have been struggling to attract and retain their best talent. You can overcome the struggle. Don’t forget to schedule time for one-on-one check-ins, routine group meetings, and show care about employee feedback. Organizations that focus on social connection, self-compassion, and relationship building as part of a retention strategy will restore morale and retain the most valuable asset: their employees.  

The goal is to encourage people powered performance and encourage positive morale.  Belongingness plays a vital role in team collaboration and business value.                                           

There is power in connection.  


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