Business Owners FAQ continues with the third most common question leaders are asking…..

By Maria Forbes
April 15, 2015


Our Business Owners FAQ continues with the third most common question leaders are asking…..
How can I be sure a new employee fits into our team culture?
Starting off on the right foot at work is a process of mutual communications!
Finding your groove at work is a two way street. Leaders must recognize team member strengths and employees must learn to communicate their unique values. A commitment to an employee’s best contribution starts with a complete role description. The role description integrates three parts of the human performance equation to describe the requirements for success in a role.  An on-boarding plan is the next critical document to creating a successful working relationship. This is not just an effective tool for communicating policies and benefits. Your on-boarding plan should illustrate a defined time line for learning the expectations of a role such as daily responsibilities, contributions to growth, collaboration with others.  A proper on boarding process enables team members to envision how their specific strengths influence the achievement of organizational goals. Finally, the invitation to communicate personal strengths helps the entire team to arrange their time and energies for success.
Recently a friend and company veteran explained that with little notice she was assigned to a new department and a new boss. I don’t fit into this culture she lamented after a few months in the role. My new boss does not communicate with me, or include me in critical project meetings! When I asked her if she has communicated her strengths, contributions to projects, and how these abilities have influenced her success in her previous role, the answer was Uhhh, No.  My friend has since scheduled time with her new boss to describe the type of projects, scope of work and successful outcomes of her previous role. Turns out he’s a pretty nice guy!
Leaders and their team members must take the initiative to communicate what they do well.  The level of engagement is dramatically increased with this knowledge, as well as mutual respect among teams.
If you would like help starting the very fruitful and rewarding process of communication….contact us at FIREPOWER TEAMS – We will start with asking the right questions!

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