Effective Implementation of Marketing Programs

By Maria Forbes
September 12, 2013


Translation; I can’t make this work.
Marketing programs are designed by successful entrepreneurs and consulting partners who aim to share their strategies. This is good! What is not good; the rate at which these programs get dumped! Every year, business owners discontinue marketing plans that wouldn’t work for their team. Why don’t these programs catch on? Many times its not the program you should blame, it is your knowledge gaps that get in the way of your long term success. Owners that have not arranged the strengths of their team members to fuel their business vision, have difficulty creating marketing momentum, and therefore have a tendency to assign new tasks to team members based on their job descriptions!
What is wrong with this? EVERYTHING; just because a team member’s job is relative to the task, does not mean they are the right person for the effort! Next time you are considering subscribing to a pre-designed marketing program, don’t ask yourself who should do the task, instead ask, WHO COULD MAKE THIS EFFORT GREAT? Ensure your success by assessing the right person for the activity; match a team member’s natural strengths instead of their job description.

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