Final Business Owners FAQ: How can I help my sales team to get results??

By Maria Forbes
April 22, 2015

Business meeting.
Leaders who find themselves frustrated by their team’s continual planning with no real action on the sales goal ask:
How can I help my sales team to get results??
Lagging results were not from lack of talent or motivation for our very successful client! This team learned to leverage their marketing and sales outcomes and create momentum toward their revenue goals. The team felt there was a lack of organization around prospecting, specifically updating prospect information, systematic communications, and next steps as a defined protocol. They wanted to improve the organizational framework for prospecting, communications and the steps from discovery to close, easier to navigate.
What they learned has helped the team to move the mark!
There is a difference between actions that make it possible or easier to meet the goal and actions that actually generate new business. This team had to recognize that their desire for new processes, while important to meeting the revenue goal, were influential but would not generate new business. This distinction is of great importance as a starting point. Business teams that have difficulty getting past goals planning should consider the difference in their sales related activities in order to make something happen. Not unlike the difference between marketing and sales, goals activities have two types; those that set the stage for achieving results and those that actually achieve the sale. Our client team learned the difference, completed the influential actions, processes and prospecting protocol, and they are now working on activities that will generate real business.
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