FIREPOWER Business Owner Q & A

By Maria Forbes
March 10, 2015

Business owners want to feel CONFIDENT in the people they hire. Because the responsibilities of entrepreneurship can become challenging to manage, it is beneficial to selectively outsource some organizational services.

Throughout our current economy, we find it more crucial than ever to hire the


Below, is the first in a series of commonly asked questions from business owners.

How do I ensure a good hire?

The worst thing you can do is create the requirements for a new position with a specific person in mind. You should write a Role Description for a role-not a person. A three part Role Description is used to recruit and interview candidates.

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– What a person needs to know for the role, through education experience, required skills.


 – What a person needs to care about, basic core values, behavioral and cultural requirements for a successful working relationship with your company.


-How a person takes natural problem solving action, this is how a person will need to perform the role.

How do I know when to outsource?

If this is a question of adding responsibilities to existing team members, beware! If you pull your people out of their performance zone, the area where they can add the best value, you reduce business productivity and efficiency. Teams can sustain short spurts of responsibility overload, but if your people strengths are diluted over long periods of time, the team is spread thin and burned out, you risk a double whammy. You may lose both good people and business performance.
“Your team should be involved in your plan.”
Decide as a team, whether a capability exists in-house and may be underutilized. There may be an opportunity to arrange team collaborations that will accommodate the need. If you determine these abilities cannot be satisfied through your current manpower, you can consider outsourcing options.

      By Maria C. Forbes, President FIREPOWER Teams [Edited by: Caroline Vargo]    

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