From Zero to One Hundred

By Maria Forbes
November 4, 2015

Short Term Synergy is disruptive to a Growth Plan
We are excited when a client not only understands the impact of team efforts on sustainable growth, but gets their teams on board the plan. When a client’s annual growth plan incorporates their human capital strengths, we look for their continual commitment to ensuring enhanced processes are in sync with team capabilities. A plan that integrates what you will accomplish, with how you will get the entire organization engaged in the goal, should be a long term strategy and must be more than a well written plan. What you do to achieve the plan goals is as much a human capital strategy as it is operational and marketing.
Avoid zooming forward too fast to sustain the pace!
Formulating a growth plan builds on the successes of the current year and it defines a continuum of progress. While many of our clients carve out time in Q4 each year to review successes and plan for a New Year, we have been summarizing progress all year to capture untapped or misaligned team potential. The strategy begins with well defined personal roles in the growth plan that will provoke a contribution to growth year after year. This does not necessarily require a role description rewrite, but we are suggesting you take a fresh look each year, to add specific personal efforts that are in direct alignment with growth plan objectives.
Firing up team energy in quarterly spurts is disruptive to growth plan momentum.
People need their long term contributions to be visible and they need the freedom to engage their creative energy toward the goal. When leaders commit to aligning people strengths with organizational growth it seems to happen naturally, because their people are engaged beyond knowledge and skills and daily responsibilities. The integrated approach of human capital strengths as part of the plan asks team members to exercise their natural creative abilities and to make a unique contribution. It seems natural because it is, and therefore individuals act on goals with ease, they have a knack for the type of effort, they seek more of this type of work and they have the stamina to perform. To line up the players by the combination of knowledge, skill and instinctive method of operation, you have to look beyond titles and regular demands of a role. You have to merge capability with growth as a driver to maximizing team innovations.
You can’t go from zero to one hundred in one year, but you can make progress happen progressively faster with continual development of people and process. Over time the merger of human strengths with operational efficiency becomes a super fuel for accomplishing a growth plan. Successful clients are paying close attention to this alignment and feeling satisfied with incremental increases in the speed of their progress toward meeting their goals.
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