Holiday Buzz – Use It To Your Advantage

By Maria Forbes
December 2, 2015

Christmas fun at the office - Portrait of a multi ethnic business having fun and laughing
Each year during the fourth quarter we have the great pleasure of talking with clients about their holiday plans like company events and holiday schedules. There are a myriad of stories surrounding how much time is spent celebrating during holiday season, both inside the office and outside of work. Leaders comment about personal time spent preparing for holiday activities and gift selection during work.  Most of us have a tendency to multitask at a greater level this time of year, but seasonal extra- curricular activities don’t have to be a time waster. Try observing your team to take note of behavioral clues that can be a holiday advantage. Strategic collaborations between associates to discuss their holiday gifting activities can make seasonal office conversations productive for everyone involved!
If you notice associates that research the best choices for holiday gifts and spend time gathering and comparing information, they may be the go-to person for knowing the best brands to buy!  Today more than ever, the number of bands for any one item can be overwhelming.   Natural researchers will dive into the brands to compare and contrast performance and price. They can be helpful in making the right choice when you are faced with too many options!
Need more time? Stay close to your associates that plan everything! They will be making lists and checking off achievements as they progress through the season.  These folks can be helpful in planning your holiday shopping, and working your plan, to be sure you get it all done!
People that seem to have their head in the clouds are idea people. They will be musing about the latest trends and how to give truly unique gifts. Tired of the same old things? Talk to the idea associates; they will inspire you with new possibilities and help to get your gift planning out of a rut!
Don’t forget the practical hands-on associates who show you how things are put together.  Since they naturally put their tangible skills to work, they can pull together a holiday scene at the office or at home. These are the “get-er done” people, who turn an idea and a well informed plan into a reality! If you need someone to help you construct the holiday décor, these are your go-to people!
Holiday conversations at the office are inevitable this time of year.  Everyone is on overload as the rush of the season pushes us forward at what seems lightening speed. We finally land on the eve of a new year, looking back and wondering where the holidays went, again!  Make good use of the many resources on your team and let your natural talents help one another to make this season more productive and more memorable.
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