Is the problem me or this job?

By Maria Forbes
June 3, 2015

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Have you tried resolving productivity challenges for members of your team but can’t achieve lasting benefit? You are in good company! You have to know which type of challenge you are dealing with, in order to get a long term result.
Transition and contradiction are productivity challenges that will affect your performance at work, but the cause of these challenges will be quite different and so is the corrective process.   A person might be in career transition; they are going through personal change such as in a personal relationship, change of residential location, or proximity to work, or other aspect of life’s big journey. Personal career transition will influence your ability to stay focused at work, and since the circumstances are not specifically job related, these challenges are often overcome through coaching or other form of personal support.
The other type of productivity challenge occurs as contradiction; this is a contrast between your natural problem solving abilities and the specific demands of your role. In this type of challenge, the requirements of the role and a person’s problem solving strengths are not in sync, and the struggle to comply can cause a lag in productivity, stress and tension.
With ten percent of the population in some form of career transition, there are many professionals that have lost sight of how they can perform their best at work. The influence of misaligned efforts will show up in a variety of ways, effecting organizational performance. When you don’t know the cause, these challenges are difficult to overcome. Personal career transition or role contradiction must be determined in order to accomplish long term resolution.


You can’t force personal change but you can assess the degree to which you have the freedom to work according to your natural strengths. What you know about your field and how you feel about our role might seem a good match, but if you are working against your problem solving grain every day, your confidence and energy will eventually suffer.
If the proper validation reveals career transition, you should determine whether you have the freedom to articulate what you would change if you could get things done in your natural way. Open dialogue with superiors and with support providers is helpful to gain clarity about the source of the personal challenges and what may not be working. Taking personal time to acknowledge and work through difficulties without pressure to resolve them abruptly is important to achieving long term results. As you address personal challenges and make adjustments where possible at work, new and sustainable energy can gradually replace stress and underperformance.
Career contradiction is also revealed through proper assessment, to understand the differences between the demands of a role against your need to take problem solving in a specific way. What is expected of you and how you are naturally most productive must be well matched, in order to maintain energy and productivity. Examine the expectations for performing your role; clarify the requirements for successful execution of the role, and how your natural strengths will be utilized.
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