Song of the Day

By Maria Forbes
April 26, 2022

How a successful women-owned company gets its teams into positive gear every day.

On multiple occasions, I have experienced something noteworthy, something different and real, a true and authentic sense of purpose about this owner and her partner. Their method of forming relationships has created business strength that withstands economic, social, and business shifts with amazing resilience. As I experience our association from my usual lens, how people are powering organizations, Chrissy’s unique personal blend of characteristics becomes increasingly more intriguing as a people-powered company.

A conversation that starts differently.

Today we intended to discuss a client project, but the start of the conversation opened the door further into their unique business model. As Chrissy shared what seemed to be her personal viewpoints on business relationships, she unintentionally described deeper layers of her approach to team success. Not fully aware that her vast experience, natural talents, and her God-given purpose have formed a superior people foundation, she was revealing to me the real drivers of her core business values. I caught the wave, like being hit by an ocean surge, and found myself further intrigued by this dynamic leader. Conversations start with who we are as leaders, with a purpose to help others do their best work.

A strong code of conduct is a catalyst for business growth

Owners and leaders overlook the importance of cohesive business culture. As a part of the business growth continuum, we uncover and highlight a business culture as a driver to organizational success. Your code of conduct resonates from internal relationships within the company eco-system, outward to client relationships, vendor relationships, and professional associations, all with great influence on expanding the business networks.

Intentional People Engagement

There is a natural and intentional mission to grow people, no matter their background. Chrissy and her team look beyond education and experience. They observe the potential to lead and then develop leadership. Instead of a right-of-passage from subject matter expertise or years of experience, this is a different measure of success, it is a measure of potential. The partners advise their people, that learning to lead will require bravery, and to make mistakes as they experience opportunities to grow. The “we’re in this together” approach to growth keeps their people invested in the business.

Song of the day

It was with the true passion that Chrissy shared her anticipation about the morning’s team meeting. In the midst of working on an office relocation, opening a new business territory, and a call to jury duty, she finds excitement in the one thing she can schedule this week, a team meeting. The meetings start with a song, something from Chrissy’s mind, as “a way to connect to the teams”, and she suggests, “a way to lift them up.”

Why does this stand out to the teams? Because it is real, authentic, not a prescribed method, or someone else’s idea to copy, and therefore it works to bring the team together. Today, as we were on the call, a senior member of Chrissy’s team requested a specific song for the meeting, which was like music to her ears!

Consider what is authentic. Are their shared interests, or sharable interests, among your leadership team that encourage participation, and belonging, and may cultivate community? When these interests are set into the right framework, they can be a means of engaging your people, a true driver to cultural success.

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