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By Maria Forbes
August 19, 2015

There is a statement by John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, which says; “Marketing is getting someone who needs to know, like and trust you”. It was written as Jantsch’s definition of marketing, yet it has become a popular slogan for describing new business development. Professionals are using Jantsch’s statement, as a way of articulating their commitment to become a trusted partner, to communicate authenticity, and to establish a genuine connection with prospects and clients.
Jantsch’s know, like, and trust factors are a very good people strategy – a way to optimize organizational synergy and improve your marketing! Take a look at how each of Jantsch’s factors will transition your employees from job holder to contributor to your success
Know……..not judge
Have you ever thought a team member makes uninformed decisions, jumps to action too fast, or slows down a good idea? Most of the time we judge the person – they don’t know enough so they are take unnecessary risks, or they don’t know enough and have to spend extra time researching or putting a plan together before we can move forward. How do you become familiar with the people you work with, feel confident they are a good collaborator? Validation of how you each approach daily challenges shows you how a person will execute their knowledge and skills. Once you understand why they take problem solving actions in a certain way, you can change negative judgments to respect. You can begin to arrange your collaborations effectively to meet the goals.
Like…….as in good synergy
Why do you like me? Because we work well together! There is a reason you work well together and leaders should aim to increase this synergy among their teams. A true understanding of how a person executes their role helps to see the person in their best light; it can be observed over and over again, with the freedom to take problem solving action according to your natural strengths. When you enjoy the productivity from harmonized efforts you like one another even more!
Trust….. that others will do their part
We trust co-workers when they are reliable, because we are sure they will produce a result. When teams are unaware of the natural methods of execution that put their skills and knowledge into action every day, there can be trust issues. When you are informed about the problem solving strengths of those you work with, you can trust their actions. You can even trust those who’s methods are opposite of yours! The right arrangement of problem solving methods can balance your efforts and enable you to trust in others.
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