Where Do We Go From Here?

By Maria Forbes
April 7, 2020

Resetting Normal and Getting Your Business Momentum Back
There is a general feeling that we need to hold tight, and the longer this health crisis continues the associated anxiety gets harder to manage. You have a choice as leaders. You can choose to use this time to re-think your priorities, why you are in business and what matters most. You can choose a positive way to spend your energy during this quiet and unnerving period.
Every hour spent to prepare for business after April 2020, helps to refine your purpose and a shared business mission, instead of waiting for the world to get back to business as usual.
Two weeks into the shelter-in -place mandate you are managing many big priorities including retaining your teams and keeping them paid. Banks are working hard to communicate services that will support your financial needs. We are here to support your workforce momentum. Working remotely in the initial weeks of the crisis keeps everyone busy, getting set up at home, managing work that was in progress, and communicating new protocols for managing internal and external relationships.
Over time, and by sheer accident your teams can mentally flat-line from worrying about their jobs, struggling through isolation, and feeling a lack of normal productivity.
As leaders, your goal must be to look forward during this time, to edit your purpose and your mission, and share it with your teams.
Examine Your Remote Successes and Shortcomings during the crisis period. Explore with your team, to assess what is working well at this time, and what is not?
Reboot under the new temporary protocols to keep your teams productive and ready for May. Systems and processes have been adjusted to suit a remote workforce. Take this time to dialogue with your teams about adjustments you will make in 30 days, to streamline your transition back to normal and enable your workforce to forge ahead without interruptions to processes.
Planning for a reboot involves what will go back to the way it was, what might have improved during the remote period that can continue, and as always, communicate who does what as you may come out of this with a new perspective on leveraging your talent.

Plan For Q3 and Q4 Now

Determine the projects and timelines are critical to success in the second half of the year. As leaders consider how business will maintain during this time, you must also plan to capture opportunities right out of the gate, as the crisis is resolved. Talk with your leadership team to identify the relationships, projects and priorities that will make the balance of the year a win.
Make your plan as clear as possible, share it with your teams, and give them the freedom to contribute their creative strengths toward achieving your plan. When everyone knows the direction of your company, and has the freedom to contribute, they will help you to grow, especially through crisis.

Don’t Wait Until This Is Over

Our close network of consultants is available to listen and advise during this remote period.
You can maintain business momentum with a good plan and a commitment to specific actions that will keep you on track for a successful year.
A complimentary Discovery Call can help you to get clarity on urgent challenges or think through strategies to keep your teams focused on the right things, maintaining productivity, and running an efficient operation that is ready to resume growth when this crisis is over.
We wish you and your teams good health and a positive outlook during this challenging period.

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